Researcher Profiles

Researcher Profiles

Diverse team of passionate researchers

The Water Research Centre is home to a broad team researchers and academics with backgrounds in engineering and many areas of science. They work together across the centre on various projects, but each has their own specific area of focus.

Find out more about the team of researchers at WRC below – and read about the research passions that drive them to be the best in their field.

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Researcher Profiles

Stuart Khan
A/Prof Khan is leading the group looking at validation protocols for a multibarrier approach in water recycling. This type of approach doesn’t just focus on treating water once it leaves a reservoir, but addressing water quality risks at multiple stages along the supply chain...Read more details
Lucy Marshall
Getting an accurate picture of the extent and connectivity of Australia’s freshwater basins is an important challenge. UNSW engineers are developing new models to help us better understand the unknown...Read more details
Tommy Wiedmann
New models and accounting methods developed at UNSW are improving awareness about natural resource consumption globally, and the carbon footprint of Australia’s built environment...Read more details
David Waite
Nanoparticles synthesised by UNSW engineers using a by-product of rice could enable better water filtration systems for developing nations...Read more details
Ian & Ron
Managing and measuring the risks of climate change. Storms - as much as sea level rise - may seriously impact our shores, with coastal erosion posing a considerable threat to Australian property and infrastructure...Read more details