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19 October 2016

While Sydney’s coastline is a spectacular natural asset that we can all enjoy, a catastrophic failure of the cliff line at North Head recently demonstrated that it can also be unpredictably dangerous.  WRL’s CASA certified UAS pilot, Chris... read more

17 October 2016

A PhD position is currently available at the University of New South Wales.  This is a 3-year research project with the "New directions in recreational water quality monitoring for application to urban rivers".

5 October 2016

For an average Australian household, my research found that discretionary foods contribute 33-39% of diet-related water use, energy use, greenhouse gas emissions and land use.

1 October 2016

Cities have become major players in assisting national governments in fast tracking transformative action for global climate change mitigation.

19 September 2016
Insights into Environmental Stabilization of Iron(II) and Natural Organic Matter
When: 19th September 2016 - 12.00pm