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Australia is not only one of the driest countries on Earth, but the country with the most weather extremes. While droughts are destroying crops and emptying water reserves in NSW,...
landfill gas emissions
Video of Peter Kjeldsen 1st April 2019 UNSW Professor Peter Kjeldsen from DTU Denmark visited UNSW Sydney and presented: Research and development of landfill gas emissions measurement and bio-oxidation systems...
Dr. Andreas Froemelt from ETH Zurich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology) has joined WRC-UNSW for a 12-months research visit holding a fellowship from the Swiss National Science Foundation. Supervised by...



The NHASP  Partnership is a multi-party initiative which seeks to better manage algal blooms in the Melbourne region.

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6th Australian and New Zealand Cyanobacteria Workshop at the UNSW Kensington.

Associate Professor Denis O'Carroll

Our acting director Associate Professor Denis O'Carroll


Meet our young researchers who are making their mark in water research.


intensifying, countryside drying up. Prof Ashish Sharma and Dr Conrad Wasko.


 to bring extreme waves, damage to once placid areas. Prof Ian Turner and Dr Mitchell Harley.

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The Water Research Laboratory (WRL) - is a world-leading academic research and consulting laboratory that endeavours to tackle the most challenging and pressing water-engineering problems faced by the world today relating to water and the environment.


The UNSW Global Water Institute (UNSW-GWI) is a world leader in water research, innovation and problem solving. The Institute is a truly multi-disciplinary venture. Drawing on water expertise from seven faculties and 13 specialist centres across the University, WRC included.