Research Profile

Profile - David Waite

David Waite

Scientia Professor David Waite

David Waite is leading a team working at the intersection of nanotechnology, materials science and environmental engineering, developing new composite materialsmade from silver nanoparticles anchored onto the low-cost silica from rice husk ash (RHA).

Profile - Tommy Wiedmann

Tommy Wiedmann

Associate Professor Tommy Wiedmann

Tommy Wiedmann is the leader of the School’s new Sustainable Engineering Initiative. He was the lead author on a 2013 study published in the US journal the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, which reported the “true material footprint” of 186 countries over a near-two decade period (from 1990 – 2008).

Profile - Stuart Khan

Stuart Khan

Associate Professor Stuart Khan

Khan is leading the group looking at validation protocols for a multibarrier approach in water recycling. This type of approach doesn’t just focus on treating water once it leaves a reservoir, but addressing water quality risks at multiple stages along the supply chain.

Profile - Lucy Marshall

Lucy Marshall

Dr Lucy Marshall

Marshall completed her undergraduate degree and PhD at UNSW before moving to Montana State University. She has now returned to UNSW with the aim of modelling hydrological connectivity in water catchments, and of quantifying and trying to reduce predictive uncertainty by building new statistical models.

Research area

Research area - Hydroclimatology



Hydroclimatology is the study of the processes and mechanisms that link the movement of water between the Earth’s surface and atmosphere, emphasizing how the climate system causes temporal and spatial variations in the hydrological cycle.

Research area - Water and Wastewater Treatment

Water and Wastewater Treatment

Water and Wastewater Treatmen

Water and wastewater treatment is a broad research area that incorporates the study of physical, chemical and biological processes used to remove and/or transform dissolved, colloidal or particulate inert and biological matter to produce water of a suitable quality for the desired end use.

Research area - Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment

Risk Assessmen

Environmental projects need to estimate and account for risk. Such analysis considers the risks associated with such activities as the storage of water in reservoirs, drinking water production, distribution pipe biofilms and recreation in natural bathing waters.



Research area - Trace Organics

Trace Organics

Trace Organics

The trace organics program incorporates analytical determination, fate analysis, and removal characterisation of trace organic constituents.

Research area - Biogeochemical Processes

Biogeochemical Processes

Biogeochemical Processes

Detailed consideration of biogeochemical processes operating in natural and engineered systems with a view to both improving our understanding of nature and developing improved remediation strategies.