Sven Lundie

Adjunct Associate Professor
Sch: Civil & Environmental Engineering
Contact details:
(+61 2) 8793 2394

Sven Lundie is an Associate Professor with the Sustainability Assessment Program at the Water Research Centre in the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering at UNSW.  Sven chaired the taskforce on Life Cycle Inventory – Methodological Consistency under the UNEP/SETAC Life Cycle Initiative (Lundie et al; 2007).  Sven has established a global collaborative research and consulting network consisting of environmental experts in Australia and overseas.   He is currently also providing strategic advice on sustainability and professional facilitation services as a Principal Consultant for PE International.

Sven has been working at the forefront of ecological / carbon footprinting in Australia and Germany.  He has further developed the ecological footprint method.  Furthermore he has worked for the Australian Dairy Industry for more than 5 years analysing all dairy products being manufactured in Australia from an environmental point of view.  This analysis included all climate change relevant emissions – in other words: the carbon accounting was part of that project.  Sven and his team analysed all process phases including the farm, transport, processing, distribution, storage, usage and waste management.