Ben Modra

Water Research Laboratory
Contact details:
(02) 8071 9837

UNSW Water Research Laboratory
Manly Vale Campus

Ben a Principal Engineer in the Projects team of the Water Research Laboratory, specialising in studies relating to coastal and water engineering. 

As one of Australia’s foremost physical hydraulic modelers, Ben leads the delivery of diverse and complex models, used to ensure the safe and efficient design of infrastructure.  These are applied across coastal engineering, dam and civil engineering, and stormwater. 

Ben is experienced in the design, testing and assessment of coastal structures such as seawalls and breakwaters. With a background in electronics, he is a specialist in instrumentation for laboratory and field studies.

Ben have worked extensively on laboratory testing of stormwater treatment devices to ensure new products are effective.  His work aims to improve stormwater treatment trains to provide better water quality outcomes for our rivers and the reduction of plastics in our oceans.

He passionate about research, and work closely with academics to incorporate new research into commercial projects, and to guide research into the most practical outcomes for industry.