Risk assessment

Risk assessmentEnvironmental projects need to estimate and account for risk. Such analysis considers the risks associated with such activities as the storage of water in reservoirs, drinking water production, distribution pipe biofilms and recreation in natural bathing waters. Research activities address the following:

  • Water provision in developing societies;
  • Safe reuse of solid wastes such as manure and biosolids;
  • The operational application of wastewater and stormwater water reuse guidelines;
  • The protection of water supply catchments;
  • The risk to swimming pool bathers;

What these works have in common is the systematic application of health/environmental risk assessment principles and frameworks, and quantification of risks in terms of probabilities of infection and illness. This systematization identifies gaps in current knowledge of hazards, exposure pathways and dose response and prioritizes applied scientific research.


  • David Roser (Project Leader)
  • Stuart Khan