Australasian Young Coastal Scientists and Engineers Conference

(Back) Fred Chaaya, Dr Laura Montano, Daniel Gilbert, Margot Mason, Katie Wilson (Front) Dr Mitchell Harley, Yarran Doherty and Jonathan Chan at the 2023 Australasian Young Coastal Scientists and Engineers Conference Seven of our Project Engineers and PhD Candidates presented at the 4th Australasian Young Coastal Scientists and Engineers Conference, held at the wonderful State Library in Sydney.

Thanks to the conference organisers for the opportunity to showcase the wide range of projects undertaken by our younger staff and students!

The topics presented by our team were:

Jonathan Chan “The future of coastal management: Gold Coast’s cutting-edge imaging network”

Yarran Doherty “Merimbula Lake entrance bar: Insights from 35 years of satellite imagery”

Fred Chaaya “CoastSnap: Community-powered coastal monitoring using smartphones”

Katie Wilson “Seasonal variability and climate controls of shoreline position in Australia”

Daniel Gilbert “The use of 2D, 3D and quasi-3D modelling for coastal applications”

Margot Mason “Collecting and incorporating field data in estuarine models”

Dr Laura Montano “Entrance management impact on water quality and hydrology of Werri Lagoon”

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