Research areas

Research areas

Water research and related applications

The Water Research Centre has eleven core areas of research and applied research activities. These activities are supported by academic and researchers from with the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering and project collaborations extend across the School, the Faculty, the University and into government and industry.

We have forged strong relationships with all levels of government and across the industry and are often called upon to provide advice, specific research and data to inform important decisions.

Find out more about our eleven research areas below. Many of these program areas have recognised leaders who are supported by senior research staff and post-graduate research students.

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Research areas

Coastal Engineering
The Water Research Laboratory has a highly regarded international reputation in coastal and ocean engineering...Find out more
Trace Organics
The trace organics program incorporates analytical determination, fate analysis, and removal characterisation of trace organic constituents...Find out more
Risk Assessment
Environmental projects need to estimate and account for risk. Such analysis considers the risks associated with such activities as the storage of water in reservoirs, drinking water production, distribution pipe biofilms and recreation in natural bathing waters...Find out more
Atmospheric Emissions and Odours
The UNSW Odour Laboratory is a research group within the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of New South Wales. The laboratory is a leading edge facility that specialises in interdisciplinary research and training for the assessment and management of odour and gaseous emissions...Find out more
Civil and Engineering Hydraulics
The Water Research Laboratory has several decades of experience in the research, investigation and application of fundamental and applied civil engineering hydraulics. ..Find out more
Researchers in the Sustainability Assessment Program apply their expertise in quantitative environmental and sustainability assessment to support decision making for sustainable development...Find out more
Estuarine Engineering
The Water Research Laboratory has a highly regarded international reputation in coastal and ocean engineering...Find out more
The Water Research Laboratory has a team of hydrogeologists and environmental engineers who are highly regarded for groundwater problem solving...Find out more
Water and Wastewater Treatment
Water and wastewater treatment is a broad research area that incorporates the study of physical, chemical and biological processes used to remove and/or transform dissolved, colloidal or particulate inert and biological matter to produce water of a suitable quality for the desired end use...Find out more
Hydroclimatology is the study of the processes and mechanisms that link the movement of water between the Earth’s surface and atmosphere, emphasizing how the climate system causes temporal and spatial variations in the hydrological cycle...Find out more
Biogeochemical Processes
Detailed consideration of biogeochemical processes operating in natural and engineered systems with a view to both improving our understanding of nature and developing improved remediation strategies...Find out more