Research Visit - Xue Fu from Nanchang University, China

A researcher form the Nanchang University has joined WRC-UNSW for a 12-month research visit. Under the supervision of Associate Professor Thomas Wiedmann, Associate Professor Xue Fu is analyzing the path of carbon emission reduction of different countries as part of her projects supported by China’s fund and OECD fund.

China promises abating the nationwide CO2 emissions per GDP (carbon intensity) by at least 40% of its 2005 levels before the year 2020, also SO2 and NOx emissions per year by 15% of their 2005 levels until 2020. The research of Xue Fu is contributing to answer the question on how to estimate what extent of the capability of China’s industrial shift that enables the nation to reach its 2020 targets for the carbon emissions and other air pollutants abatement. With the goal of maximum nationwide GDP, an environment extended input-output table of China is applied within a linear programming framework to optimize the industry structure under constrains for both demand-supply equivalence and economic development goals. Xue Fu is using Input-Output analysis for her calculations, benefitting from UNSW resources in this area.

Xue Fu will stay until 31st of December 2018. For collaborations or information sharing he will be available in this e-mail:

A/Prof Xue Fu

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