Research Visit - Jukka Heinonen from the University of Iceland

Jukka Heinonen is a Professor in the field of sustainable built environment at the University of Iceland. His main field of research is urban carbon footprinting. He joined the WRC-UNSW for a five week research visit as a part of his sabbatical leave, during which he concentrates of reviewing the academic consumption-based carbon footprinting literature in collaboration with Associate Prof. Thomas Wiedmann.

Consumption-based carbon footprinting is suggested to provide a valuable complement for Kyoto Protocol types of territorial greenhouse gas (GHG) assessments in identifying efficient GHG mitigation strategies and informing policy-makers. Academic literature in this field has been accumulating rapidly during the ongoing decade along with the emergence of several new assessment models and reductions in computational power constraints. So far no comprehensive overview on these studies, their claims, coverage and comparability across different studies has been conducted.

Jukka Heinonen will stay until the 1st of April 2018. For collaboration or information sharing he will be available at

Professor Jukka Heinonen

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