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11 September 2017

Dr Francois Flocard is an expert in ocean wave energy conversion. Having spent the past 2 years refining his skills and presence in this exciting and developing field, Francois returns to WRL in the role of Principal Engineer, Water and Energy.

8 September 2017

Following on from Hurricane Harvey, that caused devastation in the United States earlier this week; Principal Engineer and WRL Manager Grantley Smith was contacted by the Daily Planet, a show hosted on the Discovery Channel, to comment on just how easily flood waters can take control of cars. ... read more

31 August 2017

In the coming weeks WRL will be running a dye dispersion field experiment for Bega Valley Shire Council, to help inform the EIA for a proposed wastewater outfall at Merimbula on the NSW far south coast.

24 August 2017

UNSW recently hosted the Australasian Groundwater Conference, welcoming 340 attendees to examine the multi-dimensional challenges affecting the sustainable development of the region’s groundwater resources.

18 August 2017

In the recently published paper entitled “Unrepresented community odour impact: improving engagement strategies” the authors investigated the variation of response between panellists of high and average olfactory sensitivity using Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry/Olfactometry (GC-MS... read more

15 August 2017

A global analysis of rainfall and rivers by UNSW engineers has discovered a growing pattern of intense flooding in urban areas coupled with drier soils in rural and farming areas.

15 August 2017

In the recently paper on “Wind friction parametrisation used in emission models for wastewater treatment plants: A critical review”, the authors compiled an experimental data set, composed by wind friction and wave data measured in laboratory wind-wave tanks whose size and physical... read more

10 August 2017

Researchers from WRL in partnership with the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage, have developed a new ‘Coastal Management Guide’ designed for High School teachers involved in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education:... read more

3 August 2017

UNSW workshop in statistics and probability to support ARR2016

21 July 2017

Originally posted on UNSW Newsroom by Wilson Da Silva

The world’s most extensive study of the impacts of coastal storm fronts in a changing climate has found that rising seas are no longer the only threat.