Industrial Ecology Virtual Laboratory

IE LabIndustrial Ecology Virtual Laboratory

· Funder: NeCTAR, ARC-LIEF

· Duration: 2012-ongoing

· Description: The Australian Industrial Ecology Virtual Laboratory (IELab) is a collaborative e-research platform for compiling large-scale, high-resolution, enviro-socio-economic accounts and for conducting integrated sustainability assessment projects for a wide range of topics. IElab is bringing together a diverse set of sustainability researchers and practitioners, enabling tangible, inter-disciplinary research outputs. These include published triple bottom line assessments of industrial biofuel production and large-scale bio-refining, low-carbon construction materials and high-resolution waste modelling, among others. The IELab provides a much-used basis for data and analysis in industry-relevant, cooperative research, including integrated sustainability assessments and tools for the construction industry and the water industry.


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